Transaction Fraud

The fraud that occurs after a customer application has been accepted is complex and ever changing. The demands from your business to make it easy and seamless for customers to transact make for a tough landscape. TruNarrative combines rules, data, machine learning and human intuition to prevent fraud that occurs during a customer transaction or interaction.

Transaction Fraud
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Transaction fraud: a plain headache or a real head spin?

Transaction fraud occurs once an account is live. Digital transformation has many benefits to the everyday consumer, but it also gives fraudsters a platform to work from, resulting in fraud taking many forms. These include facility takeover, social engineering, card-not-present and bust out fraud.

A sound organisation with proper controls expects to quickly adapt their defences. That’s already a tall order. Now add to this complexity, the ever-increasing customer channels from merchants, PSPs, issuers, acquirers, processors and switches. If you don’t already have a headache, then factor in the myriad of different transactions you must manage including debt, credit, deposits, ePayments and mobile.


Cutting through the complexity with a single unified platform

Enter TruNarrative: offering you a platform that never rests. The TruNarrative platform will:

  1. Monitor all chosen streams of data being processed by your business across many channels.
  2. Create profiles to understand normal customer behaviour; flag transactions that don’t meet these behaviours.
  3. Share real-time fraud insight with your peers and other organisations to enhance fraud detection.
  4. Use third party data and insight where appropriate within an advanced rule engine to create a layered approach.
  5. Utilise machine learning to optimise rule configuration and predict future fraud patterns.
  6. Streamline and automate much of the review process with intuitive case management.
Work with Peers, Transaction Fraud

Work with peers to combat fraud

TruNarrative empowers the community of risk professionals. Its cloud-based technology enables insight to be shared securely and in real-time amongst users via the TruNarrative Consortium. This widens your lens of insight to improve behavioural profiling and improve the accuracy of detection.

Thanks to the consortium, your decisions are based not simply on the data you’ve purchased or hold, but also on the wisdom and insight of your peers. This prepares you to detect and combat new fraud trends as soon as they emerge.

The best of machine processing and human judgement

Our decision engine is always learning. Machine Learning optimises the rules used across the platform. TruNarrative is continually checking the huge bank of rules to see if there are better ones than those applied in your configuration. We look to see if the implemented rules create too many false positives. Such excellent automated rule optimisation reduces fraud risk by quickly spotting changes to the landscape, whilst continually eliminating inefficient rule sets.

Furthermore, the final decision rests with you. Here, human judgement reigns. Artificial intelligence optimises rule performance faster than any human team could. As TruNarrative monitors constantly, you don’t have to. You receive the system’s findings as suggestions. So, you choose whether to apply, reject or continue testing a suggested rule. Throughout, you retain the final word.

Robust Compliance

Connecting insight from application to transaction

For you, we’ve built a Transaction Fraud Journey that makes the complex manageable. The insight gained when you make a decision at onboarding is invaluable. It can allow you to immediately tailor your strategies for ongoing monitoring. Most companies have to start again and don’t have this insight.  The TruNarrative platform cleverly connects the insight you gained from application processing to increase the accuracy of decisions you make Day 1.  The result: accuracy of your decisions improves from the get go and you detect more fraud.

Spotlight on Transaction Fraud Journey

Comprehensive detection

Detect more instances of Transaction Fraud by having the perfect balance between analytics, scorecards, data and rules.

Machine Learning

Use Machine Learning alongside traditional methods and human intuition improve detection and reduce referrals.


Manage complexity and big data in one place to examine behaviour in real time and drive ‘individual decisions’ about your customers.

Unified platform

Connect seamlessly to your application decision so you gain insight made at on-boarding to segment and make better decisions about your customers.

Automating analytics

Let the machine do the heavy lifting by letting our system learn what optimal configuration to suggest for your current and future situation. You stay in control of change. 


Our platform operates across all channel and product types, therefore reducing costs and sharing insight to detect more fraud.

Intuitive case management

Reduce the time you spend managing referrals with an easy-to-use interface and automation built in. See everything in one place.

Transaction Fraud works well with

App Store - Partner Apps

App Store

The world is awash with Big Data. With endless apps ready to use, inside TruNarrative, you can find new suppliers in the app store, or ‘bring your own’ valued supplier or service and integrate them in minutes.

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and human insight combine in the most advanced solution. Human judgement contributes throughout.

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ID Verification

ID Verification

ID Verification using the TruNarrative platform is better, faster, global and more reliable to help increase efficiency.

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Sharing insight across organisations is proven to be more effective than working alone or in silos. Our platform allows you to securely share and communicate across peer groups and geographies.

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Behavioural Monitoring

Behavioural Monitoring

In safe commerce, you spot your good customers faster while weeding out villains more easily. Using behavioural monitoring from TruNarrative, you can understand and spot high-value customer behaviour patterns then differentiate their experience.

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Transaction Fraud is ideal for these markets

Application Fraud | Payments


Tackle fraud & risk at every stage of the payment lifecycle by layering detection strategies and technologies to find that perfect balance between revenue and risk detection.

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Online Gaming, Markets

Online Gambling

Comply with responsible gambling requirements, age verification, eKYC and anti-money laundering regulations whilst nurturing your genuine and VIP customers. Managed by one unified platform where customer behaviour can be predicted.

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Lending, Markets


As credit evolves, consumers expect more and more online. Adopting TruNarrative prepares you to deliver on consumer expectations, day in and day out by solving the Identity, Fraud and Compliance risks that can cause delays in on-boarding new customers.

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Insurance | Markets


Reduce fraud incidence, lower cost of acquisition and show regulators you’re controlling premium increases by ensuring good customers are not penalised by the bad.

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eCommerce, Markets


Merchants seek to find and retain good customers, without declining genuine customers who might trigger their risk profiles. TruNarrative shows which are your hero customers from the villains.

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Banking Fraud Market


Traditional banks moving into digital benefit from adopting TruNarrative’s holistic view. The same holds true for new fintech companies and banking startups.

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Alternative Finance

Alternative Finance

New channels use digital technology to connect people to the financial instruments they desire. As opportunities blossom, strong risk controls become essential.

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