Transaction Monitoring

Combine rules, data, machine learning and human intuition to prevent fraud that occurs during a customer transaction or interaction.

TruNarrative Transaction Fraud

Comprehensive detection

Detect more instances of Fraud by having the perfect balance between analytics, algorithms, enrichment data and rules.

Machine Learning

Plug in your own models, deploy in the journey and utilise machine learning alongside traditional methods. Deploy in the source code, link via API and upload to the platform in a few clicks. Let the machine do the heavy lifting by letting our system learn what optimal configuration to suggest for your current and future situation. You stay in control of change.


Manage complexity and big data in one place to examine behaviour in real time and drive ‘individual decisions’ about your customers. Or deploy from the template library and connect to the consortium for shared insight.

Unified platform

Connect seamlessly to your CRM or LOS so you gain insight made to make better decisions about your customers. Integrate across internal and external platforms and data sources. Reducing costs and sharing insight to detect more fraud.


Intuitive case management

Reduce the time you spend managing referrals with an easy-to-use interface and automation built in. See everything in one place.

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