Identity Verification

ID Verification using the TruNarrative platform is better, faster, global and more reliable. We’ve created a high-calibre Identity checking system affordable for ambitious organisations like you: determined to trade cross-border or grow in-market presence. 
We serve established multinationals, new entrants determined to disrupt, SMEs and niche players.

ID Verification
Robust Compliance

Standardisation within an optimal ID Verification environment

TruNarrative provides much-needed automation and frictionless identity verification in your decision-making. Your customer expects a smooth journey with great experience and minimal interruption in buying or consuming your products or service. Balancing this with risk management is difficult especially when identity theft, fraud or compliance issues loom heavy.

TruNarrative provides the optimal IDV environment because it sees further than any current system. The visibility derives from our state-of-the-art technology which orchestrates the process.  Our decision engine considers granular insights drawn from the full range of global data sources:


  1. Third-party identity data and insight services you already use. Integrated in a matter of minutes with our API management tool.
  2. Granular data aggregated across the TruNarrative community of users.
  3. Choose from one of TruNarrative’s endless apps and data sources accessible within our unified platform.
  4. Proof of Life, Selfie, Biometrics, CardScan, Document are all built into the Identity Validation process.
  5. Apply configurable journeys, scorecards or machine learning to your IDV process by product, business, region or offer.

Criteria for robust ID Verification

Your ID Verification process must work at high volumes and at speed. Robust IDV adapts to a risk-based approach, integrated directly into the compliance and fraud risk process. It also triangulates across multiple data sources and checks including global data, documents and biometrics. It handles global data with the same dexterity as single-country data from multiple data providers or just one.

Layering delivers the whole story

TruNarrative delivers the whole story about who you are dealing with. Our intelligent system can quickly confirm that a set of identity attributes match any of your selected data sources. It also confirms that the ID documents submitted are valid, pertain to the personal identity given, and match the biometrics on record or even the proof of life selfie matches the picture on a passport.

Thanks to TruNarrative’s blend of global breadth and granularity, good customers – your heroes – stand out. Known criminals and synthetic identities find it far harder to hide.

ID verification runs seamlessly with no delay. This means a smooth experience for your customers.

Criteria for robust ID Verification
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Image recognition and biometric data in the mix


TruNarrative enables you to layer insight from many sources: identity data, device data, biometrics, social media analytics, credit header data, background checks. This layering gives rapid reassurance that the person is who they claim to be. TruNarrative also supports dynamic interventions. Imagine this. You configure TruNarrative with a document imaging verification solution. Due to a flag, the system can initiate automated document checking and if suitable, biometric checks. You gain a fully automated comparison. The system’s evaluation delivers a decision with the speed and ease of automation.


IDV for state-of-the-art compliance

ID Verification is an essential component of AML and KYC compliance processes. Our configurable system removes the black box, thus enabling you to build a highly adaptive, risk-based approach to IDV. The audit trail nurtures your compliance culture.

TruNarrative knows one size does not fit all. Our configurable system puts the power in your hands to ensure it fits your customer journey and risk approach. You can run the right ID Verification process for every offer. This flexibility helps lower the cost of acquisition and increase retention of those hard-won good customers.

Spotlight on ID Verification Journey


Bring your own data sources, or choose one of the endless global sources available within TruNarrative. Broaden global reach or strengthen in market capability.


Your platform is fully configurable and reporting is granular. You set permissions throughout the platform to retain necessary control. You breathe easy, knowing you’ll have the answers at your fingertips any time an auditor queries a decision.


You’ll ensure customers fulfil their entire digital journey because the layering of Identity checks, supporting documents and biometric data can happen in a single workflow.


You can continually optimise the system thanks to granular data scoring to improve pass rates, safely. By pinpointing the issue, you’ll reduce manual review time.


The monitoring solution is always on. You save time and effort when the system automatically moves an approved application into one of the regulatory monitoring journey’s within the platform.

ID Verification works well with



TruNarrative have combined smooth workflow with robust data services and efficient case management to help you tackle KYC challenges head on.

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Application Fraud

TruNarrative prevents application fraud by creating the perfect balance between traditional methods of detection and the latest techniques. 

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Sharing insight across organisations is proven to be more effective than working alone or in silos. Our platform allows you to securely share and communicate across peer groups and geographies.

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App Store - Partner Apps

App Store

The world is awash with Big Data. With endless apps ready to use, inside TruNarrative, you can find new suppliers in the app store, or ‘bring your own’ valued supplier or service and integrate them in minutes.

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ID Verification is ideal for these markets

Banking Fraud Market


Traditional banks moving into digital benefit from adopting TruNarrative’s holistic view. The same holds true for new fintech companies and banking startups.

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Alternative Finance

Alternative Finance

New channels use digital technology to connect people to the financial instruments they desire. As opportunities blossom, strong risk controls become essential.

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Lending, Markets


As credit evolves, consumers expect more and more online. Adopting TruNarrative prepares you to deliver on consumer expectations, day in and day out by solving the Identity, Fraud and Compliance risks that can cause delays in on-boarding new customers.

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Online Gaming, Markets

Online Gambling

Comply with responsible gambling requirements, age verification, eKYC and anti-money laundering regulations whilst nurturing your genuine and VIP customers. Managed by one unified platform where customer behaviour can be predicted.

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Insurance | Markets


Reduce fraud incidence, lower cost of acquisition and show regulators you’re controlling premium increases by ensuring good customers are not penalised by the bad.

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eCommerce, Markets


Merchants seek to find and retain good customers, without declining genuine customers who might trigger their risk profiles. TruNarrative shows which are your hero customers from the villains.

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Application Fraud | Payments


Tackle fraud & risk at every stage of the payment lifecycle by layering detection strategies and technologies to find that perfect balance between revenue and risk detection.

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