Smooth workflow with an array of third-party data and service providers. Delivering seamless onboarding, full compliance management, minimising referrals with full case management.


TruNarrative Know Your Customer

Multiple Data Sources

Choose from the widest selection of global PEP, sanctions and adverse media matching sources from within the App Store.  Utilise your own KYC data and insight service. Integrate them yourself in a matter of minutes with our API management tool.

Check different entities with the same solution

Perform corporate and consumer KYC checks across multiple data sets, providing the most accurate and detailed initial match, reducing false positives and speeding up the decision-making process.

Integrate upload and Questionnaires

Our Workflow and Orchestration capability enable customised journeys and waterfall of a process for seamless onboarding and transactional review.

Referral remediation

Remediate links between customers and referrals minimising the time it takes teams to work referrals.

Case management

Reduce the time you spend managing referrals without increasing risk exposure. See everything in one place.

Monitoring and scheduling

Build discrete CDD journeys for various client risk groups. Transparent audit process protects your business for the decisions you make and reduces operational cost.

All checks covered

Global PEPs and sanctions, adverse media, director checks, company checks, beneficial owners and individual ID verification checks including documents.

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