With TruNarrative, Remediation can be an opportunity to enrich and better profile the data you hold.

Our approach consolidates the remediation process and allows you to build multiple specific remediation journeys,  enhance understanding of your customer base and demonstrate compliance.

TruNarrative KYC
Maha TruNarrative

Understand Scope, Import and Consolidate

Customer Data is often held in separate parts of your business and can be subject to differing regulatory requirements. TruNarrative specialises in breaking down silos and consolidating data sets.

Separate providers for different aspects of KYC can mean multiple checks against the same data set.  TruNarrative have already integrated an abundance of data providers covering over 44 countries. Sources include providers of;

  • Corporate Registries
  • Identity Verification
  • Peps and Sanctions
  • Negative Media
  • Credit Data
  • Corporate Data
  • Biometric Document Checking

We usually have multiple sources for each category and country, meaning you can simply give us the data once and let us do all checks for you.

Our data scientists will help you understand the current challenges within your data and ensure it is normalised to optimised speed within our infrastructure and then parsed in.  A bespoke evaluation of the data is conducted to identify your individual business needs. We then consult you on the best methods and sources.

In effect we are finger printing your data, to target the most scientifically valid and structured result.

This ensures we tailor the output to exceed your regulatory requirements and fit with your risk based approach.

TruNarrative Know Your Customer

Risk Banding, and really Knowing Your Customer

  • KYC can be more than just a regulatory headache, with TruNarrative you can enrich your customer data, by building customer risk bands and customer classifications.


  • Multiple remediation journeys are required for different geographies, business units and products. We specialise in building customer remediation journeys for specific regulatory requirements.
TruNarrative KYC

Regulatory Audit and Internal reporting

  • How to Demonstrate the intent behind your risk based approach can be difficult.


  • Demonstrating that you are doing what is required can be just as arduous as the task itself. TruNarrative provides detailed audit trails of when checks were carried out and to what extent.


  • Choosing Standard or Enhanced Due diligence is a risk based approach. With TruNarrative you can clearly demonstrate why you did or did not do EDD.


  • TruNarrative has the ability to build different levels of customer due diligence, from consumer ID checks to full enhanced due diligence reports.

TruNarrative eKYC Remediation is ideal for

TruNarrative Alternative Finance

Lending and Trading

Online Lenders, P2P, Crowd, Short-term, Point of Sale lenders and Trading Platforms all facilitate their growth, avoid fraud and ensure compliance through our unified approach. 

TruNarrative Banking Fraud Market


Traditional banks moving into digital benefit from adopting TruNarrative’s holistic view. The same holds true for new fintech companies and banking startups.

TruNarrative Insurance


Reduce fraud incidence, lower cost of acquisition and show regulators you’re controlling premium increases by ensuring good customers are not penalised by the bad.

TruNarrative Lending


As credit evolves, consumers expect more and more online. Adopting TruNarrative prepares you to deliver on consumer expectations, day in and day out by solving the Identity, Fraud and Compliance risks that can cause delays in on-boarding new customers.

TruNarrative Online Gaming

Online Gambling

Comply with responsible gambling requirements, age verification, eKYC and anti-money laundering regulations whilst nurturing your genuine and VIP customers. Managed by one unified platform where customer behaviour can be predicted.

TruNarrative Application Fraud


Tackle fraud & risk at every stage of the payment lifecycle by layering detection strategies and technologies to find that perfect balance between revenue and risk detection.