Making safe commerce simpler is the shared purpose that brings businesses into TruNarrative’s consortium. Criminals can’t hide when organisations collaborate, joining all the dots in the TruNarrative Big Data engine. With the addition of forums for peer-to-peer communication detection of fraud and money laundering meets the cyber challenge head on. 

TruNarrative Global Consortium
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Imagine, if you will…

Imagine a world where you gain an appreciation of what is happening outside your organisation, all without leaving your desk. Better still, the platform you use extends your resources to include those of other organisations, in which peers holding responsibilities like yours can offer insight in real-time. Your ability to make a better decision grows greatly.

A well-designed Consortium

A well-designed Consortium addresses all relevant regulations regarding the storage and sharing of private personal data. The TruNarrative team understand the global landscape and can ensure the Consortium observes all the requisite regulations. What can be shared globally differs, after all, from sharing data within a given regulatory regime.

For example, device and non-personal data can be shared more widely than identity credentials. Locally, insights regarding an array of identity credentials can be matched, and anomalies shared. The consortium makes it easy to share knowledge gained in real-time about application or transaction data with your peers. Also, the TruNarrative consortium supports sharing of known fraudster credentials. This gives your peers and you a wider lens to risk ahead of your decision about an application or a transaction.

Anti-Money Laundering Monitoring

Sharing knowledge peer-to-peer

We understand that, on both an informal and formal basis, fraud professionals share knowledge at monthly/quarterly meetings on trends and individual cases. This is great but can often be too late. We have developed a secure community board so you can now share this knowledge immediately. Working as part of our consortium will save your time and mental energy.

Consortium for IDV and AML checks

The same technology that allows us to build this for fraud means we also enable consortium activities related to ID Verification and Anti-Money Laundering. The concept of sharing means that when it is a known criminal activity, you can avoid spending money on additional verification checks. The TruNarrative consortium tracks recent activity instead and advises on the risk. The insights from fresher data will come to you, via the consortium, at a far lower cost.


Share, securely

Protection is part of consortium participation. The TruNarrative platform is built to the high security standards expected in the card payments sector (PCI-DSS). You can relax knowing that we protect your data and ensure you are complying with necessary data protection regulation. All compliance concerns have been satisfactorily anticipated and addressed in the TruNarrative Consortium blueprint. So, you’ll have the opportunity to share insight with your peers and other businesses, confidently.


Choose the appropriate participation level for your setting

Even our Consortium is configurable. Participating with a selected view means you’ll specify a sector or selection of other business, and share data accordingly. You may wish to form a private consortium made of up of a group of companies or an enterprise company with many business units. The greatest value comes when you participate in the global consortium; that’s where you access all data except that which is reserved in private consortia.

Spotlight on Consortium

Global & local

Real-time sharing of insight both globally and locally to provide a wider lens. Result: you make better, more informed decisions on fraudsters, money launderers, honest customers and VIPs.

Secure and safe

Built to protect your data and your business. Developed to the highest security standards.

Known fraud

Historical loading of known fraudsters and villains from the group delivers an immediate impact on your decisions.

Knowledge share

Community board allows you to share knowledge quickly, in order to spot emerging threats sooner.


Take advantage from insight gathered within the second from other contributors to spot fraud quicker.

Machine Learning

Utilising latest Machine Learning techniques means TruNarrative users experience significant reduction in false positives and improved detection.

Consortium works well with

TruNarrative Transaction Fraud

Transaction Monitoring

TruNarrative combines rules, data, machine learning and human intuition to prevent fraud that occurs during a customer transaction or interaction.

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TruNarrative Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and human insight combine in the most advanced solution. Human judgement contributes throughout.

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TruNarrative Know Your Customer


TruNarrative have combined smooth workflow with robust data services and efficient case management to help you tackle KYC challenges head on.

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TruNarrative ID Verification

ID Verification

Verify and Authenticate across 200+ jurisdictions in real time.  Utilising data, biometrics, live-ness check and real-time processing to orchestrate the smoothest ID journey.

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TruNarrative Behavioural Monitoring

Behavioural Monitoring

In safe commerce, you spot your good customers faster while weeding out villains more easily. Using behavioural monitoring from TruNarrative, you can understand and spot high-value customer behaviour patterns then differentiate their experience.

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TruNarrative Application Fraud

Application Fraud

TruNarrative prevents application fraud by creating the perfect balance between traditional methods of detection and the latest techniques.

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TruNarrative AML Laundering

AML Monitoring

A flexible rules engine, machine learning and efficient case management system lie at the heart of the TruNarrative solution for AML Monitoring. Ensuring you comply whilst keeping cost low and transactions smooth.

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Consortium is ideal for these markets

TruNarrative Application Fraud


Tackle fraud & risk at every stage of the payment lifecycle by layering detection strategies and technologies to find that perfect balance between revenue and risk detection.

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TruNarrative Online Gaming

Online Gambling

Nurture your genuine and VIP customers, comply with responsible gambling, age verification, eKYC and anti-money laundering regulations; managing the onboarding and ongoing monitoring of players through one unified platform.

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TruNarrative Lending


As credit evolves, consumers expect more and more online. Adopting TruNarrative prepares you to deliver on consumer expectations, day in and day out by solving the Identity, Fraud and Compliance risks that can cause delays in on-boarding new customers.

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TruNarrative Insurance


Reduce fraud incidence, lower cost of acquisition and show regulators you’re controlling premium increases by ensuring good customers are not penalised by the bad.

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TruNarrative eCommerce


Merchants seek to find and retain good customers, without declining genuine customers who might trigger their risk profiles. TruNarrative shows which are your hero customers from the villains.

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TruNarrative Banking Fraud Market


Traditional banks moving into digital benefit from adopting TruNarrative’s holistic view. The same holds true for new fintech companies and banking startups.

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TruNarrative Alternative Finance

Lending and Trading

Our single platform allows online lenders, P2P, Crowd, Short-term, point of sale lenders and trading platforms to onboard customers & businesses across multiple jurisdictions, detect fraud and maintain regulatory compliance.

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