AML Monitoring

A full risk-based approach to eliminate disruption to genuine customers detect the criminal, monitor transactions and demonstrate full ongoing compliance.

TruNarrative Anti money Laundering


Configure without hardcoding so you outpace regulation and the money launderers, without waiting for your IT team.


Sit your fraud and AML journeys together so they learn from each other whilst remaining independent. Enrich with Peps & Sanctions or Negative Media and deploy ongoing alerts and monitoring all in one place.  Full pattern analysis to instantly see the suspicious transactions in real time, managing them through a comprehensive review and case management process and reporting through SARS when required.

Machine Learning

Automate analytics using our machine learning module to improve detection. You remain in control of adopting the suggested changes.

Intuitive case management

Reduce the time you spend managing referrals without increasing risk exposure. See everything in one place.

Monitor and Audit

Set up automated monitoring by batch, live case by case and with total flexibility. Complete audit trials for regulator review and management reporting.

Breadth of data

Select from the widest range of global watchlist data to take care of your ongoing monitoring and screening requirements.

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