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Our financial crime management platform simplifies decision making for fraud detection, identity verification, eKYC and AML processes creating a frictionless journey for genuine customers.

By managing decisions and scoring data in one flow you no longer need struggle with complex and costly multiple decisions points. Insight can be shared seamlessly across organisations to make better and quicker decisions.

Implementation is quick and our SaaS solution can be configured, up and running in just a few days.

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Journeys and Apps

TruNarrative IDV

ID Verification

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TruNarrative Application Fraud

Application Fraud

TruNarrative prevents application fraud by creating the perfect balance between traditional methods of detection and the latest techniques. Using TruNarrative, you detect and respond to new fraud trends faster. We expect users to reduce application fraud incidence whilst significantly reducing referral queue length.
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TruNarrative KYC


Increasing regulation coupled with social demand for seamless access to services makes eKYC a tough nut to crack. TruNarrative have combined smooth workflow with robust data services and efficient case management to help you tackle this head on.
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TruNarrative Transaction Fraud

Transaction Fraud

Transaction fraud is complex and ever changing. The demands from your business to make it seamless for customers to transact create a tough landscape. TruNarrative combines rules, data, machine learning and human intuition to prevent fraud that occurs during a transaction, whilst ensuring a smooth transaction for your genuine customers.
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TruNarrative AML Monitoring

AML Monitoring

A flexible rules engine, machine learning and efficient case management system lie at the heart of the TruNarrative solution for AML Monitoring. Our platform ensures you comply whilst keeping cost low and transactions smooth for your hero customer's.
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TruNarrative Behavioural Monitoring

Behavioural Monitoring

In safe commerce, you spot your good customers faster while weeding out villains more easily. Using behavioural monitoring from TruNarrative, you can understand and spot high-value customer behaviour patterns then differentiate their experience.
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TruNarrative Consortium


Sharing insight across organisations is proven to be more effective than working alone or in silos. Our platform allows you to securely share and communicate across peer groups and geographies.
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TruNarrative Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and human insight combine in the most advanced solution. TruNarrative delivers advanced detection based on proven Machine Learning techniques. The TruNarrative platform continually analyses masses of this data, seeking patterns which reveal knowledge that otherwise would be overlooked.
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TruNarrative Partner Apps

App Store

The world is awash with Big Data. With endless apps ready to use, inside TruNarrative, you can find new suppliers in the app store, or ‘bring your own’ valued supplier or service and integrate them in minutes.
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Spotlight on the TruNarrative Platform 


TruNarrative Regularity Compliance

Configuration over coding


Natural language rules authoring


TruNarrative Machine Learning

Drag & drop workflow management


TruNarrative Consortium

Single view for referral management


TruNarrative Loan Market Lending

Automated queue prioritisation


TruNarrative Social Media Analysis

Intuitive case management


TruNarrative Link Analysis

Social Link Analysis

TruNarrative AML Monitoring

Robust auditing 

TruNarrative Device

Tailored management information dashboards

TruNarrative Batch Processing

API management