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Easy Onboarding.  Smooth Transactions.  Dynamic Risk-Rating

For businesses looking for a platform that fully manages all customer journeys through simple integration and complete no-code configurability.


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Easy on-boarding

Facilitating a low-friction customer experience, seamless automation, and maximising customer revenue in the only true digital, cloud-native financial crime and risk platform.

Our restful API is easy to integrate allowing platform users to easily configure simple or complex customer journeys across over 180 jurisdictions and multi-product combinations.

The Data Cloud App Store provides drag-and-drop use of over 40 fully integrated enrichment providers so strategy, rules and machine learning can consume both signals and raw data. Delivering the most accurate and friction free onboarding decisions.

Our managed onboarding screens and SDK’s allow full use of the platform without requiring API integration and provide best practice ‘synchronous’ & ‘asynchronous’ decisioning with seamless communication to the end customer.


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Smooth Transactions  

Make real-time automated decisions on transactional and customer account behaviour through our sophisticated yet simple-to-use no-code platform helping to consign false positives into a thing of the past.

A fully configurable and scalable transactional monitoring platform allows immediate deployment of strategy and rule changes including machine learning to identify fraud and mitigate risks.

Control operational expense, reduce false positives alerts, and deploy virtual AI agents in one click to review at scale in line with your own volumes.

Work-flow and orchestration enables referral management, detailed MI with built-in case management and network analysis graphs makes the decisioning of referrals quick and painless. Remediation can utilise managed screens to communicate directly with the end customer or files can be escalated for internal supervisory review. Automation can manage task lists and reporting of suspicious activity (SAR’s).


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Dynamic Risk-Rating 

Orchestration of complex decisions combined with shared insight and third-party data sources. This focused approach improves compliance, customer experience and reduces costs.

Regulated businesses who are required to hold a persistent risk-score against each customer utilise the advanced decisioning capability within the platform to generate these scores.

Lifecycle management functionality delivers extensive integrations of enrichment data through the Data Cloud App Store and the ability to utilise transactional behaviour within decisioning.

Risk scoring can be used for the purposes of AML, Affordability, Social Responsibility or Capability.


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Data Lake and Reporting

Instant Management Information and reporting based on configurable templates allows organisations to review detailed data about applications, customers and their behaviour.

Customised views can be produced by the user and delivered to management via mobile dashboards or reports.

Every transaction, application and decision point has a full audit trail including activity by each and every user of the platform.

Regulatory reporting becomes simplified saving days of preparation. Unify and manage compliance & risk strategies via central or decentralised teams.


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From start-ups to enterprise deployments; Cloud scalable, quick-to-deploy no-code platform enabling full digital transformation in all these markets:



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