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So you are a new Bank …

Let’s face it, building a Bank is a complex endeavour!  With new-entrants to the market almost weekly, speed to market is critical.

We’ve used our experience to demystify the compliance and onboarding process.

Our innovative financial crime platform enables new entrants to get up and running quickly via our simple API

Leaving you free to build your Bank and take on customers!


What about financial crime compliance and fraud risk?


You’re busy building out the innovative product that’s going to disrupt the market.  However financial crime compliance is at the very top of every regulators expectations.  New banks need to be able to demonstrate that they have effective systems and controls in place to identify money laundering and prevent fraud attacks.

The regulatory requirements for financial crime can often be seen as complex and defining a risk-based strategy is both time consuming and costly for new entrants.  With a plethora of consultants, systems and solutions on the market it’s our experience that new entrants can often become overwhelmed by ‘choice’ and those offering a ‘sliver-

bullet’.  This in turn creates complexity and confusion.


TruNarrative’s platform changes this – Good customers are onboarded faster and with less friction, which makes using our solution a truly competitive advantage.


We are not just a technology company, our team has over 100 years combined experience in delivering financial crime solutions across the globe and we’ve used this to build a best in class platform that delivers real benefit. 

We work alongside our start-up and challenger clients to help them build the right controls at the right time, whilst ensuring full regulatory compliance.


Through our experience and our innovative platform, we demystify compliance requirements for start-ups and challenger banks.


Our platform integrates seamlessly with your core banking platform via a simple API that gives you instant access to all the required ‘real-time’ controls across identity verification, anti-money laundering and fraud. 


We are able to work in collaboration with your risk professionals to build out highly adaptable and configurable strategies that will give you the flexibly to scale as you grow in the market.

Our platform will enable you to demonstrate to the regulator that you have defined your risk and control approach, not just at a conceptual level but that the controls can be demonstrated.

Sitting behind our simple API is over 25+ of the best financial crime data sources and services in the market.  We call this our ‘App-Store’ and using the services can be as simple as drag and drop in our platform.



This isn’t just data aggregation. 

Our platform has a powerful decision engine and workflow capability that sit at the heart of a unified management process.  Configuration of strategies and rules are made easy via our intuitive journey builder and case management.  You can even deploy your own machine learning models or work alongside our Data Science Team.


Why build multiple, disparate internal services at significant cost and time when there is a far simpler solution?  Our platform delivers market leading technology for new entrants that enables you to focus on building your bank and products.


TruNarrative was established with a clear goal: to make safe commerce simpler.  Safe commerce is simpler when identity and verification, anti-money laundering and fraud controls are ran in a single financial crime platform.  Simpler for consumers, simpler for you.


Our start-up and challenger bank solution is led by Eddie Vaughan


Eddie is well known in the banking and financial services sector having previously held positions as Future Fraud Strategy Risk Manager at a major UK bank, as well as the UK Financial Crime Manager at a leading retail partner finance and direct to consumer lending bank. 


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