Transaction Monitoring

Combine rules, data, machine learning and human intuition to stop fraud, money laundering and bad actors impacting business. 


Comprehensive detection

Detect the criminal, monitor transactions and demonstrate full regulatory compliance. The perfect orchestration, decisioning, and workflow platform with in-built case management and link analysis to help remediate referrals.


Machine Learning

Plug in your own models, deploy in the journey and utilise machine learning alongside empirical rules. Deploy via the App Store in a few clicks. Let TruNarrative's Virtual Agent machine learning algorithm eliminate referrals and alerts, significantly reducing operational costs. 


TruNarrative Suppliers


Configure without hardcoding so you outpace regulation and bad actors, without waiting for your IT team. Manage the complexity of multiple transactions and data in real time, delivering instant decisioning. 


Account Strategy

Reduce the time you spend managing referrals without increasing risk exposure. With a complete view of all transactions, dynamically manage risk and compliance.




AML Monitoring

Transaction Monitoring Rules

Transaction Monitoring Account View

AML Screening

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