Onboard businesses in minutes. Orchestrate and decision through a smooth workflow with global coverage via an array of App Store integrations.


Multiple Enrichment Sources

Access our App Store from a single API, drag and drop, mix and waterfall different suppliers, utilise your own data and insight to build a single low friction KYB journey for accurate and unprecedented match rates.


Account Strategy

Reduce the time you spend managing referrals without increasing risk exposure. With a complete view of all entities, dynamically manage risk.


TruNarrative Behavioural Monitoring

Monitoring and scheduling

Build discrete CDD journeys for various client risk groups. Transparent audit process protects your business for the decisions you make and reduces operational cost.


All checks covered

Global PEPs and sanctions, adverse media, director checks, company checks, beneficial owners and individual ID verification checks including documents.  


Business Account View and Extra Checks

Companies House Lookup

Risk Rating – Businesses

Platform Management with TruNarrative

Approval Task Lists

Referral Assignment – Email Notifications

Roles & Permissions

Managing Teams