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Science & Technology

At TruNarrative we consider the commercial world to act as a biological entity, continuously reacting and adapting within an ever-changing industrial landscape. To tackle this, we employ some of the smartest minds with expertise in predictive analytics to take on fraud. Our experts in data science are able fingerprint both micro and macro fraud trends and deploy bespoke tools to help you best protect your business.

Built upon a dynamic risk engine with the future in mind the TruNarrative platform can host models designed in any code, adapt with the latest API management, integrate with ease, orchestrate case management schemes and process documents at speed. The technology and features within the TruNarrative platform is designed to solve some of the most important challenges of modern business and keep you up to date as technology advances.

Easy from the get go

The TruNarrative platform was designed with ease of use, flexibility and versatility in mind. It can be deployed as a piece of software, as a service or embedded into any environment you wish. This can be your own IaaS provider such as Google, Amazon or Azure or indeed behind your firewall. Setting you up takes a mere matter of days and in most cases, users can be live almost immediately depending on configuration requirements.

Pre-built machine learning models and predictive algorithms can be deployed to the platform design code or built within the solution using natural language. We offer bespoke machine learning models to our clients. Each of which are trained, tested and benchmarked for individual clients as well as for each unique business sector we service. The functionality doesn’t end there, we offer hosting of client models too!

A full library of empirical scorecards and rules are available in a drag and drop environment. Machine Learning Apps available at a click of a button for both, supervised learning or unsupervised depending on the use case.

Our RESTful web service allows integration with your existing business processes, supporting both new and legacy technologies.

We can quickly integrate into any system, third party service provider, environment or database. We do this in a low code environment and deliver the integration back to a fully mapped App for use in any journey.

TruNarrative | About Us, Machine Learning

Machine Learning

We run a large machine learning cluster in the cloud that allows for real-time analytics and instant reactions to industry changes. As new data arrives into the system it is cleaned, standardised, pre-processed and scheduled for execution in parallel. The new insights derived are instantly available in updated models that can be immediately utilised in real-time.

This novel, state-of-the-art process is powered by a systematic protocol hosted within a test suite that verifies the consistency and accuracy of model changes. This protocol ensures that you always have access to predictive models that have been proven to be scientifically accurate.

The hosted models provide the end user a risk rating for the application they are looking at within our platform. It really is that simple. It doesn’t take an academic genius to use the machine learning service on our platform, saving you the trouble of an extensive retraining program for your front-line employees.



We are proponents in the fight against criminal activity and are professionally tackling the challenges of the current data breach world. 

Adopting a tough stance, the TruNarrative platform has been developed to PCI DSS standards and as a business, we operate as ISO27001 requires.



Companies that operate on a global scale want to pick and choose where their teams are located. Many markets have diverse heritage and naturally, support multi-lingual communities. 

The TruNarrative user experience is such that if a user wants to work in their native language they can select that language – even if it is different to the user sat next to them.