Risk Scoring & Analytics

Recognise changes in risk over the lifecycle.

Build your dynamic risk rating framework based on transactional and non-transactional attributes, and scale across your whole enterprise. TruNarrative decisioning fused with orchestration and data applies dynamic, persistent risk scoring either at account level, customer level or transactional level.

Only the LexisNexis® RiskNarrative™ Platform takes all intelligence generated by third party services into a single flow to create an overall risk score, the unified score, which underpins market-leading decisioning performance.


Customer risk rating should be both dynamic and automated so that all new customer information from external sources and transactional history are included in real time.


Combine many different data elements quickly including geographical risk; channel risk; external risk data; business information; decision outcomes; occupation; currency; purpose; age; funds; customer type; and industry codes… amongst many others.

machine learning

Decision Engine

Build your customised models in minutes and deploy with a few clicks, or utilise best practice templates, scoring, and rating approach. Alternatively, deploy machine learning algorithms into a seamless workflow instantly.

Case Management

Reduce the time you spend managing referrals without increasing risk exposure. Route alerts to the appropriate teams or automate the capture of additional information based on scoring bands.

Ways to use Risk Scoring & Analytics…

LexisNexis® RiskNarrative™

Complex Financial Crime Workflow, Orchestration & Decisioning

Onboard, Score, and Monitor Behaviour of your customers, clients, and suppliers.

TruNarrative Portal

Simple, Best-Practice Workflow KYC & AML Checks.

Monitor and decision your customers clients, and suppliers.


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