The TruNarrative Partner Universe

Our partner universe serves three types of company:

TruNarrative Resellers

Resellers and Distributors

Of solutions to support the functions of fraud prevention and compliance departments.

TruNarrative Suppliers


Of data and services that provide insight in the world of identity, fraud and anti-money laundering compliance.

TruNarrative Vendor

Vendors (OEMs)

Of SaaS solutions seeking to augment their services with proven and modern technology.

TruNarrative Resellers and Partners


Resellers benefit from an offering that turns heads: a one-stop shop for identity, anti-fraud and compliance. Built on the latest technology, TruNarrative makes it easy for new clients to say “yes”.

We make safe commerce simpler, not just for users but also for you.

Fact is, sales is in our DNA. We know in our bones what you need to be effective on the ground.

You’ll want a seamless end user acquisition process with the same passion we do. You’ll have this from day one as a TruNarrative reseller. In a cloud environment, you’ll create new accounts for the system, access your own first-line support area and control end user licensing. This is top-flight sales administration, at the turn of a key.

In addition, your Partner Manager will facilitate the creation of co-branded sales and training collateral as well as pre-sales support when required. All Reseller resources are professional, clear and informative.

 Why Resellers Partner with TruNarrative:

  • TruNarrative builds customer journeys that balance insight and user input. So you’ll have a platform to meet the needs of each client type.
  • Link your customers together to leverage experience, intelligence and inside knowledge. Thanks to this, they punch above their weight, and so will you.
  • Comprehensive partner resources and dedicated partner management make our partnership seamless.
TruNarrative Suppliers and Partners


Our data aggregation philosophy of “bring your own” means we designed our platform to easily consume what you offer.

So, a broad portfolio of suppliers deliver their product or service through TruNarrative’s best-in-class API Management platform. Each supplier provides insight (either relevant data or clever algorithms) that can distinguish between good and bad in the world of fraud and money laundering.

If that sounds like you, we’d like to partner.

Our Supplier Managers take responsibility for ensuring any new supplier integrates seamlessly. Your dedicated Supplier Manager will liaise between Supplier, Professional Services and End User Client to certify an integration incorporating best practice.

In practice, we are flexible. We can act as a go-between for you and your end users.  Or we can introduce you to an OEM, or resell on your behalf. We’ll adopt whichever approach fits your footprint and capacity. 

Why Suppliers Love to Partner with TruNarrative

  • TruNarrative users focus on a positive customer journey and commit to best-in-class risk management. So we’re bringing your insight to ambitious teams, around the globe.
  • We offer comprehensive partner resources.
  • Our executive team communicate persuasively on both a technical and commercial level, bringing 100+ years of experience working with partners from around the globe.
TruNarrative Vendor


Whether you’re a credit bureau, Fintech or Regtech, collaborating with TruNarrative will rapidly extend the value you add.

For OEM partners, we tailor the perfect solution.  We can provide a fully white labelled platform either in the cloud or within existing partner premises. Our Professional Service team will take time to understand your requirements. We’ll agree delivery objectives, align on approach and then support implementation.

We will allocate a Partner Manager responsible for maintaining success and differentiation for the OEM. In the first instance, working with the OEM to establish a ‘go to market’ plan that engages with the perfect prospect and builds momentum.

Post implementation our Partner Professional Services team will work with the OEM to ensure ongoing success for all parties involved.

Why OEMs Partner with TruNarrative

  • We offer a ‘plug-in and process’ approach to everyday on-boarding and purchasing experiences.
  • We can accelerate your development cycles, so you’re faster to market with value add services suited to your client base.
  • We link you into an existing global network of service providers.