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Our Technology

Built upon a dynamic risk engine, the latest API management capability and an orchestration layer with case management and document processing built in, TruNarrative’s technology is designed to solve some of the most important challenges of modern business.

Easy from the get go

Our platform is available as SaaS direct from TruNarrative or we can deploy it into any environment our customers wish.  This can be your own IaaS provider such as Google, Amazon or Azure or indeed behind your firewall. 

  • Set up and implementation is a matter of days and in most cases, users can be live almost immediately depending on configuration requirements.
  • Our RESTful web service allows integration with your existing business processes, supporting both new and legacy technologies. 
  • Our technology is designed to quickly integrate into any system, third party service provider, environment or database.
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Machine Learning

We run a very large Machine Learning cluster in the cloud that allows for deep analytics and complex model building. As new data arrives into the system it is cleaned, and scheduled for execution in parallel. The new insights derived are instantly available in updated models that can be immediately utilised in real-time.

All this is powered by a systematic test suite that verifies the consistency and accuracy of model changes.



We are proponents in the fight against criminal activity and are professionally tackling the challenges of the current data breach world. 

Adopting a tough stance, the TruNarrative platform has been developed to PCI DSS standards and as a business, we operate as ISO27001 requires.

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Multi Language

Companies that operate on a global scale want to pick and choose where their teams are located. Many markets have diverse heritage and naturally support multi-lingual communities. 

The TruNarrative user experience is such that if a user wants to work in their native language they can select that language – even if it is different to the user sat next to them.