TruNarrative Proposition Brochure

Make decisions with the whole story in view

TruNarrative Proposition Brochure

Third-party applications, internal data, external data stores proliferate. Fragmentation carries a cost. Without a unifying platform, wastage arises and fraudsters slip through because silos hold insight within a single check incident.

False positives and friction within a customer interaction penalise vigilant companies. At the root is the inflexibility of existing risk detection systems. Inflexibility curbs agility. Those curbs bite when regulations change or fraud threats evolve.

After 25 years in the industry, I’ve founded TruNarrative to resolve these challenges. Free from legacy system constraints, our platform delivers what you’ve been waiting for: the power to keep changing, ahead of the pressures. With TruNarrative, your wish for safe commerce, simply, can come true. – John Lord, CEO

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