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Tom Watson on Regulatory Reform for the Gaming Sector

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“A single bet can be made for thousands of pounds without adequate verification of the person’s identity”


Tom Watson today again reiterated Labour’s plans to tighten gambling regulation in the UK.


In his speech at the Institute for Public Policy Research, Watson said ‘’The word internet is mentioned only twice in the 2005 Gambling act” and described the act as ‘’A piece of analogue legislation failing to meet the needs of the digital age’’


Watson also spoke of “Regulatory powers to break up harmful data monopolies” and indicated “Gambling apps may be even more dangerous than FOBT’s”


Watch the video of the full speech on the link below.


Here at TruNarrative we believe tighter regulation is definitely coming, whether it comes from Labour, or whomever else makes up the next UK government.


We have built a solution that helps operators demonstrate they can meet regulatory requirements and comply with current and forthcoming changes in legislation.


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The  full speech is available on Tom Watson’s youtube channel:

Click the image below to watch: