Podcast: Customer Onboarding in Credit Unions

Customer Onboarding in Credit Unions

In this Mini-Podcast, TruNarrative Director Kerry Brenneman discusses the issues in fraud, IDV, AML and KYC in Customer Onboarding he’s seeing in Credit Unions across the USA.

Listen to the podcast to learn:

  1. Why its more critical than ever that Credit Unions deploy the latest technology
  2. Why technology change doesn’t have to be a difficult process
  3. The specific problems Kerry is seeing in customer onboarding systems in Credit Unions today.
  4. How Credit Unions could make better decisions on their applications, faster.
  5. Why better data isn’t necessarily the answer


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About TruNarrative

TruNarrative was founded in 2016 with a single mission: to make safe commerce simpler, with offices in London, Leeds UK, and Atlanta GA. TruNarrative aims to transform the fraud, KYC and AML process by providing a product built on state-of-the-art technology. Delivering the best of data science to ambitious companies of all sizes.

TruNarrative has partnerships with major credit reporting agencies, document and biometric verification services, device intelligence suppliers, and dozens of other market-leading data service providers.  These integrations can be easily configured by business users without any coding. 


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