Q/A with Michael Roche: FinTech Startups

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Mike Roche talks FinTech startups in this Q/A Session

We sat down with Mike and discussed some of the common questions we hears from FinTech startups, around issues in risk, compliance, technology and growth.


In this video Mike discusses:

  1. Challenges facing FinTech startup entrepreneurs (its about compliance)
  2. The pitfalls of rapid growth in FinTech
  3. How FinTechs can ensure regulatory compliance without large overheads
  4. How FinTech startups can maximize customer acquisition and growth
  5. Why apps like Robinhood weren’t possible 10 years ago



Accessible Machine Learning and Robust Compliance

About TruNarrative

TruNarrative was founded with a single mission: make safe commerce simpler.

Established in 2016, TruNarrative’s intuitive no-code platform transforms fraud management, reduces risk, and streamlines KYC and AML processes. 

TruNarrative assists ambitious companies of all sizes from across the banking, lending, financial services, betting, payments and ecommerce industries. 

TruNarrative’s partnerships with major credit reporting agencies, document and biometric verification services, device intelligence suppliers, and dozens of other market-leading data service providers offer easily configurable integrations to business and non-technical users.

The company operates from offices in London and Leeds, UK, and Atlanta, USA. Visit www.trunarrative.com for more information on TruNarrative


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