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Written by John Lord

Introducing TruNarrative

TruNarrative launches unified platform for fraud, identity, KYC and AML with FREE batch processing service for early adopters.

Welcome to TruNarrative – a solution which aims to transform the fraud, identity, KYC and AML management process by bringing the best of data science to ambitious companies of all sizes, across the globe.

By combining machine learning with a proven decision engine built by an experienced, expert technology team, we are delivering the next generation solution for the identity, fraud and compliance market, now.

Our leadership team has over 100 years’ collective experience in the global identity and fraud market, including the former Group Managing Director of GB Group Plc, and we are backed by a leading US technology holding company, helping us pave the way for swift growth across global markets and access to world-leading technology and innovation.

At TruNarrative, we have made the highest levels of security and protection simple and easy to implement and manage. No more will protecting your company and customers be taxing; with TruNarrative, we ease the pressure.

  • Alleviating today’s risk detection pressures
    The TruNarrative platform provides a fully integrated solution to today’s risk detection pressures.
  • Easy On-Boarding
    TruNarrative enables the easiest on-boarding journeys for customers. External suppliers and internal systems all integrate in TruNarrative’s open platform.
  • Smooth Transactions
    In a fraction of a second, the TruNarrative system compares myriad attributes across an ever-increasing array of data and insight.
  • Robust Compliance
    The ever-learning decision rules, automated processes and shared consortium insight combine to sort the heroes from the villains.

Try the TruNarrative Batch Service

To celebrate our launch, we are offering customers the opportunity to try our Batch Processing Service, for free. This is a weekly or monthly batch service from TruNarrative using our advanced machine learning and fraud analytics platform.

TruNarrative delivers this service for early adopters, creating real intelligence and in a matter of weeks or months we become expert at reducing your false positives, increasing your detection of criminal activity and allowing frictionless processing of genuine customers.

What’s more, for a limited time, you can sign up for FREE monthly reports.

Sign up for free now

The TruNarrative Batch Service is the perfect opportunity to improve or benchmark your current process. Find out more and take advantage of this service from the complete solution for fraud analytics by visiting