Cifas Annual Conference 19th June 2018

Written by Ryan Morrison

TruStories – An Introduction

We started TruNarrative with a clear goal – to make safe commerce, simpler.

This means helping companies protect their good customers, whilst delivering a fantastic and easy user experience; also, to assist companies to protect against growing regulatory pressure – without unnecessarily impacting innocent customers. Businesses can quickly identify villains and people with intent to do harm, whilst at the same time making everything safe and easy for their hero customers.

Over the coming weeks and months, TruNarrative will be embarking on a journey to deliver a series of stories that we are passionate about – each of which will explore our goals and purpose in more detail. The stories will be relevant to people and businesses in the modern, digital world and define why we created TruNarrative. We will call these TruStories; ten chapters delivered over a period of six months.

Together, with our partners, we will combine this series of written stories with relevant content, podcasts and news. Topics will include the rise of artificial intelligence, the impact of human trafficking (and what we can all do about this), fraud futures, our view on the adoption of cloud computing, and impact of regulation. Throughout, we will take care to make sure the content is both thought provoking, but also useful to your everyday life.

Our first TruStory to look out for: The Silo Epidemic…