Digitalisation – Evolution or Revolution, and Survival of the Fittest

DIGITALISATION: Evolution or Revolution, and Survival of the Fittest

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In this webinar, TruNarrative Head of Banking Edward Vaughan and the rest of the panel explored what exactly digital transformation means for the financial risk industry; many panellists called for us to ‘embrace the sphere of technology’ and welcome this digital adoption as the norm.

They touched on how the dreaded C-word (COVID-19) has changed or perhaps shone a light over customer behaviours, and how they now choose to access their financial services. Catering to these changes was contrasted between large firms and start-ups; concluding there is a lengthier process when unpicking the existing operating model for larger banks.


The panel:

  • Terry Wetters – Chair & Host at Broadgate Search
  • Edward Vaughan – Head of Banking at TruNarrative
  • James – Chief Risk and Technology Officer at Webhelp
  • Emma Vernon – Chief Risk Officer (Pensions) – Pensions at Embark Group
  • Karen Goodman – Director of Compliance, MLRO & DPO for Yorkshire Building Society
  • Zarina Tariq – Senior Manager (Tech & Operational Risk) at TSB

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