Atom bank select TruNarrative for next generation protection against financial crime.

Atom bank select TruNarrative for next generation protection against financial crime.

TruNarrative are proud to announce their latest partnership with the UK’s first bank built exclusively for mobile and tablet, Atom bank plc, to provide an AML transaction monitoring and financial crime customer screening and monitoring solution.


The Durham-based bank offers Fixed Saver accounts, secured business lending for SMEs and residential mortgages. Atom’s commitment to innovation, disruption and providing a safe environment for customers has been core to their growth and ensures they remain a genuine alternative to established banks in the UK.


Atom’s desire to evolveTransaction Fraud current capabilities and work with TruNarrative represents their focus on innovation and demonstrates an understanding that legacy and traditional services limit their disruptive capability and competitive advantage.


Regulatory changes and the digital nature of contemporary business, combined with fast evolving criminal threats, means regulated entities must be proactive in their adoption of technology and in designing process that will absolutely solve these modern day challenges.


Legacy solutions and processes will not always provide the flexibility, agility and innovation required to cope with these demands. Innovation and rapid implementation are key focuses for the Atom and TruNarrative partnership.


Atom’s overarching criteria for selecting a real-time AML transaction monitoring and a financial crime (adverse media, PEP & Sanctions) customer screening solution, was for a platform which would support future products and safeguard against emerging risks in the market.

Behavioural Monitoring



The key priorities included:


·       A single solution to avoid decision and operational issues with silos

·       It must be real-time, both in decisions and in ability to make changes

·       It must be able to reduce and manage false positives effectively

·       It must be reliable and prove the ability to scale 



In addition, during the selection process, Atom identified further justification for choosing TruNarrative, including:


•     Clear focus on disrupting the industry and focusing on leveraging technology (aligned with our ethos)

•     Powerful system – layering rules across multiple service providers

•     Good configurability levels, providing the user with clear capability to undertake critical actions without support

•     Provides a clear path to reduce false positive rates

•     Clear track record of financial crime prevention in financial services




“Atom bank represent a fantastic strategic partner for TruNarrative. It’s proof our innovation and accuracy in building next generation financial crime tools is ahead of the game.

We are looking forward to working with them for years to come, protecting their customers and accelerating their growth.”


– John Lord, CEO at TruNarrativeOnline Gambling, Markets

In selecting a partner for financial crime prevention there were three key focus areas: innovation, configurability and capability.

TruNarrative demonstrated a passion for innovative financial crime prevention methods and are clearly driven by challenging legacy systems and issues in the industry.

They provide excellent levels of configurability and flexibility in their platform, allowing Atom to respond quickly to AML/CTF threats in a controlled way.

It is clear that TruNarrative have already established a track record of improving financial crime prevention capabilities in their platform and their collaborative approach will add real value to our solution “


– Helen Hassen, Head of Financial Crime at Atom bank  




About Atom bank

After securing its banking license in June 2015, Atom bank launched operations in April 2016, offering market-leading Fixed Saver accounts and secured business lending for small and medium-sized enterprises (‘SMEs’).

From the start, Atom set out to build a customer- driven bank, designed to meet their new needs and optimised for mobile technologies.

Atom bank launched its first mobile mortgage product in December 2016 and has taken over £1.7bn of deposits and lent over £2bn to small businesses and homeowners.

Atom is here to change banking, creating a disruptive and digital bank, keeping costs low and passing back the value to its customers.

The Atom app is at the heart of the bank, with a 24/7 support team on hand to help with any customer queries through phone, chat, email and social media, working out of their Durham HQ.



About TruNarrative

TruNarrative was founded with a single mission: to make safe commerce simpler. With its head office in Leeds, TruNarrative also has offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Beijing and Singapore.

TruNarrative is transforming the fraud, identity, KYC and AML process by continually providing products built on state-of-the-art technology, bringing the best of data science to ambitious companies of all sizes.


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