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ICE: Have you just missed the most important part?!

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ICE Round-Up: Part 1

Just a heads up, if you are reading this on Tuesday you may have missed the most important part of ICE!


Whilst we are obviously looking forward to seeing everyone at ICE this year, there are those amongst us that are under the mistaken impression that the flashing lights, celebrity arrivals, lavish stands (please, please no pole dancers this year!!) and free drinks of Tuesday-Thursday are where the key message are discussed and debated. Well, we are not saying they aren’t, but if you turn up on Tuesday thinking this is where it all starts you will be exactly 24 hours too late!

For those interested in probably the most important, costly and complex part of our industry, namely global regulation and compliance, then the main day of interaction and debate is today, Monday, yes, that’s right, the day before most of the exhibition hall opens and the shenanigans begin.  

Now, we recognise that compliance is not most exciting part of the sector but it is business critical and ultimately guides everything we do, and Monday is where the key global regulators and the industry big-wigs get together to discuss it and try to map out where we go next.


This year sees the usual big guns in town with the UK, EU, US, Africa and LatAm regulators well represented, as well as some of the high profile CEO’s sticking their heads above the parapet as the industry looks to deal with the plethora of costly and complex regulation in the regulated markets, and to look to where growth may come from over the coming years. Think Davos without the 1500 private jets…or the deep snow….or Tony Blair…you get the drift.


A number of the subjects are well worn (Brazil regulating this year anyone?) but for the cynics out there it is not all re hashed and hackneyed and there are panels/debates that demand attention. A number of African regulators and stakeholders give us their view and we like the look of The Americas round tables. Also, if it is industry heavyweights you are after then look no further than the opening panel on the WrB Counsel debate. However, our own particular favourite this year is entitled ‘Operators are simply not doing enough to comply and deserve to be fined’. 4pm for anyone that fancies watching the brave souls tackle that one.

Whilst, for many, compliance does not normally get the juices flowing and may not be the primary reason for being in London this week, for us it is important to how we support or clients and build out our solutions, so as a team will be keeping a close eye on what transpires and, if ‘Greece is the word’ is something you associate with seventies leather pants or if ‘A year in the life of a blockchain lottery’ sounds like the worst holiday read of all time, then rest assured, we are here to help.

As the high profile media scour the exhibition hall for scantily clad bodies and salacious headline grabbing stories, the team at TruNarrative will be making sure we have our finger of the pulse of what our clients will need to have in order to protect and grow their businesses. We will then be taking that back to analyse in order to making sure we do all we can to make commerce safer and simpler. 

So for all our clients and friends at the Excel this week, please enjoy the event responsibly and we will be back next week with a roundup of what happened and the key messages you will need to keep on top of.


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