Webinar: Understanding the truth of the data that sits at the heart of your fraud prevention strategy




12TH OCTOBER 2021 (11:00am BST)


To be effective we all know that fraud data must be accurate. However, in addition to accuracy, with the increasingly automated decision-making processes being implemented across banking platforms, it’s becoming crucial to have appropriate, relevant, and accurate fraud classifications and markers within your data.


  • What is the current view on automated decisioning in fraud screening?
  • Are the methods which we use to identify and classify fraud useful / keeping up to speed with our needs?
  • Are there opportunities for improving how networked fraud intelligence is being shared or leveraged?
  • What are the risks for poor quality or incorrectly classified data sets for AI or ML tools?
  • How do we ensure that pitfalls such as model bias or data decay don’t derail the potential success of AI/ML techniques?


Edward Vaughan

Head of Banking – Senior Director, Business Development, TruNarrative (a LNRS company)

Eddie has 15+ years of experience in financial crime roles across a broad range of sectors. Prior to TruNarrative he worked as the Future Fraud and Financial Crime Risk Manager for Santander, helping to shape the future systems technology for the bank. He is also the former Financial Crime Manager and Global Fraud Lead for Ikano Bank and has also worked for the National Crime Agency, Govt Counter Terrorism Units and Military Intelligence.

Oskar Wismierski

Global Director of Analytics & Decision Science, LNRS

Oskar is an analytics leader, passionate about delivering business value through the power of data. Over the past 7 years of working with leading financial institutions, he has been instrumental in helping them tackle online threats in the ever-growing digital world. In his current role, Oskar leads the Analytics and Data Science team in LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group, focusing on the Threat Metrix digital authentication solution, where he helps clients minimise vulnerable user exposure to crime. In his previous life, Oskar worked for Lloyds Banking Group where he developed models used to predict the likelihood of fraud and credit risk in the non-digital space.

Karen Baxter

Managing Director, Intelligence Strategy for Economic Crime

Karen joined UK Finance in October 2020 as Managing Director for Intelligence Strategy. Prior to this she was a police officer for nearly 29 years, starting her career in the Royal Ulster Constabulary and retiring from the City of London Police. Her final policing role was Commander and National Coordinator for Economic Crime across UK Policing. Karen’s responsibilities included Complex Fraud, Money Laundering, Overseas Anti-Corruption, Intellectual Property and the Economic Crime Academy. She deputised for the National Police Cyber lead and led on the ‘Protect strategy’ for cyber policing across UK.

As an investigator Karen has led and been operationally involved in virtually all aspects of serious crime investigation from organised criminality to safeguarding, murder and kidnap.

Karen has been key in areas of leadership including diversity and inclusion and the development of women and other minority groups across policing. She has a degree in Social Policy and holds a (Mst) with the University of Cambridge.

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