UKGC release important new customer interaction guidance for operators


All UK gambling operators will be required to implement customer interaction processes in a way which minimises the risk of customers experiencing harms associated with gambling. Adam Doyle, Head of Gaming, explains how this can be done.

New regulation (released as Social Responsibility Code 3.4.3) is being brought into effect as of 12th September, providing operators with guidance on how to help identify and protect potentially vulnerable players and those gambling outside of their means. The guidance has been developed to support effective delivery of customer interaction systems and processes in order to identify and reduce harm.

The new code will be looking for operators to identify when there are:

  • Indicators that a customer may be experiencing harm
  • Acting early and quickly could help stop or prevent the harm worsening
  • Spotting signs of harm and taking early action can be a preventative measure
  • Designed to enable a customer to gamble safely

Alongside putting processes in place to identify signs of harm early, operators are required to be reactive. Providing support to a customer when harm is being experienced to reduce or stop gambling. To implement this effectively it is essential that harm is identified early and responded to quickly. As an operator, here’s what you need to know.

Operators’ responsibility

To meet out the overall aim of the Customer Interaction requirements, operators must have effective controls in place to minimise the risk of customers experiencing harms associated with gambling and create a safer customer experience.

This means that licensees must build processes to identify risk, take appropriate action and evaluate the impact of that action. This is not a one-off process but requires constant monitoring and evaluation throughout the customer’s relationship with the licensee.

How RiskNarrative can help

To summarise, operators will be required to ensure that there are effective systems and processes in place to monitor all customer activity and identify harm throughout the customer journey. They must maintain an oversight of customers gambling activity and provide assurance that the processes are effective.

When done manually, looking for a pattern of behaviour to emerge is timely and ultimately guesswork. TruNarrative is in a unique position to not only provide a single view of onboarding and affordability checks at account opening, but also continuous transaction and behavioural monitoring of a player.

Our single API platform has the ability to help you create and define rule sets to focus on and identify (as indicated in the guidance):

  1. Customer spend
  2. Patterns of spend
  3. Time spent gambling
  4. Gambling behaviour indicators
  5. Customer-led contact
  6. Use of gambling management tools, and
  7. Account indicators

All of the above core indicators can be built within the RiskNarrative™ platform to provide insight into potentially vulnerable players at all stages in the customer lifecycle. Helping operators identify customers who could require manual intervention and further support.

As this is the guidance that comes into force from 12th September, operators will need to act quick, and start integrating changes to their tech stack over the next 4 to weeks to be ready.

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