Intensifying the fight against financial crime, TruNarrative and Vital4 announce strategic global partnership


Vital4’s AI powered fraud data solution will be integrated into TruNarrative’s risk and financial crime platform.

UK based TruNarrative, a leading global player in financial crime detection and compliance solutions announces their partnership with Vital4, a global leader in AML data and technology.

US based Vital4, is the latest most innovative data solution provider in the AML/KYC market, enabling businesses to identify individuals and entities who pose a financial crime risk. TruNarrative and Vital4 are leading the charge in the shift towards process automation and enhanced due diligence.

Building on 3 years of growth in Europe, in 2019 TruNarrative opened offices in the US and set up in Vital4’s hometown of Atlanta, GA, where 70% of  US payments are processed, known as “transaction alley”.

Alternatively, Vital4 has recently expanded into Europe and has an instance of their platform in the EU to support European compliance standards and enhance their global reach.

This partnership will prove advantageous for TruNarrative customers, as they will now have access to the latest cloud technology driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), delivering enhanced screening and monitoring of sanctions, regulatory and enforcement watchlists, politically exposed persons (PEP) and adverse media.

Vital4’s solution offers a significant reduction in false positives all while providing the most sophisticated name matching technology to hit the industry. It is this technological advancement in the AML/KYC market, that can minimise Financial Crime and mitigate risk for regulated institutions.

The TruNarrative approach harnesses artificial intelligence, in data-rich systems capable of learning. Legacy systems cannot adapt quickly enough to deliver. The TruNarrative platform and decision engine combined platform with Vital4’s data and scoring methodology, means businesses are able streamline process through customising their rules and scoring.

“Vital 4 is an important integration for our customers, providing world class data and API’s that can be consumed within the TruNarrative suite of Risk & Financial Crime technologies deployed in our SaaS platform. They bring an incredible level of detail, reliability and trust into an organisation’s customer journey. We look forward to working with them, their customers and the rest of the US market.” John Lord – TruNarrative CEO

“This is a critical partnership between Vital4 and TruNarrative. TruNarrative has created a robust anti-fraud software platform and is set to change the way the industry approaches AML/KYC compliance. I am thrilled that they have chosen Vital4 as their key data technology provider. Together our two technology companies will lead the market in AML/KYC compliance.” Kristin Stafford – Vital4 CEO and Cofounder

The spread of eCommerce and the rise of Fintech require a fresh approach to fraud and money laundering detection and prevention. This powerful team is ready to take down the Financial Criminals one search at a time.

About the Vital4

VITAL4 provides global screening solutions to help organisations maintain regulatory compliance and mitigate third-party risk.

As a cloud software platform made fast and powerful by proprietary machine learning technology, VITAL4 was developed to bring the agility of SaaS services to enterprise compliance regimes and eliminate slow update cycles, shallow source pools and the human-error risks of manual legacy processes.

VITAL4 was built with four fundamental concepts in mind: compliance, accuracy, global insight and value.

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