TruNarrative and SEON build partnership


TruNarrative and SEON build partnership to bring enhanced verification data into the TruNarrative platform.

New partnership brings SEON’s email, phone, IP and device intelligence into the TruNarrative decisioning and orchestration solution.

SEON, the fraud fighters, today announces it has partnered with leading UK RegTech platform, TruNarrative, allowing TruNarrative users to leverage SEON’s extensive data to make informed onboarding decisions. It will also provide customers a solution for making safe commerce simple, combining SEON’s data with TruNarrative’s decisioning technology.

TruNarrative orchestrates financial crime detection, customer onboarding, transactional monitoring and compliance processes from a single easy-to-configure, no-code platform.

The integration provides TruNarrative customers access to SEON’s email, phone, device intelligence and IP data, enabling them to establish the digital footprint of end users, building a customer risk score to make automated and manual decisions.

The TruNarrative platform is trusted by businesses across banking, financial services, e-commerce and gaming operators.

SEON’s data is in use for customer verification and fraud prevention across banking, automotive, aviation, gaming and financial services.

SEON will join the TruNarrative AppStore, allowing firms to build SEON’s global data and authentication technology into their onboarding and monitoring strategies; delivering robust fraud detection, increasing customer acquisition, facilitating efficient investigations and lowering operational costs.

The partnership means firms can use SEON data alongside TruNarrative’s 40+ app store data partners via a single API.

TruNarrative Customers can build customer journeys and processes for; identity verification, fraud, eKYC, eKYB, AML, account and transaction monitoring.

Using the TruNarrative interface businesses can adapt rules and strategy with minimal IT resources, keeping total cost of ownership low, and making adoption and integration easy.

“We are delighted to be partnering with SEON, enhancing the fraud prevention solutions available to our customers. The depth and extent of their data means we can offer our customers an even wider range of fraud prevention and verification tools.” Andy Pearson, Head of Data Partnerships at TruNarrative


“TruNarrative and SEON have a lot of mutual sectors where we dove-tail. In the past, businesses in these industries have not had access to solutions that fit their business models. Since its inception, SEON has been on a mission to change this and TruNarrative is the perfect company to do it with. We fully expect the partnership to grow rapidly and successfully.” Tamas Kadar, CEO and Founder at SEON

About Seon

Despite the vast global market that is online fraud prevention, SEON founders Tamas and Bence, found no suitable solution for their own budding crypto business – so they built one like no other. New to ‘fraud’ they leapfrogged legacy technology to create a digital native solution, which is intuitive to changing fraud behaviour and environments.

Online security is increasing in priority daily, and the former classmates were quick to get the attention of investors, raising €1.6M in seed funding from PortfoLion – part of the influential OTP group – so far.

SEON is now one of the rare start-ups to be profitable only 2 years after launch, tripling year on year gross revenue and with 95% inbound. Why? Because the founders have created a business so relevant to the way we live our business and personal lives today. They are not afraid to confront an industry that they believe to be failing, and their approach works.

SEON helps online businesses of all sizes fight back against fraud. It was built out of necessity and aims to remove the barriers to fraud prevention that many companies face, with rapid integration times, rolling monthly contracts and a one-size-fits-all platform that is easy to operate and is accessible 24/7.

SEON’s technology draws on data from across the internet to establish customers’ digital footprints to wean out false accounts and prevent fraudulent transactions from taking place. All of SEON’s tools work in the back-end to remove any friction associated with fraud prevention.

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