TruNarrative provides cutting-edge compliance platform for FinTech money innovator Tally®


Financial crime and compliance software firm TruNarrative has been appointed by cutting-edge banking app Tally®, to enhance the customer onboarding and identity verification processes.

Tally® is the first banking app to offer consumers an alternative physical asset currency for everyday spending – where one Tally® is one milligram of vaulted gold owned by the customer – through the Tally® platform and debit Mastercard®, like a regular bank account.

Tally® is not a cryptocurrency.

With Tally® placing a big priority on the onboarding experience and compliance, the firm chose TruNarrative’s unified platform solution to complete its real-time, customer onboarding journey.

This enables Tally to build bespoke journeys for Know Your Customer (KYC), Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and sanctions checks, plus document verification.

These services all integrate via the TruNarrative’s single Application Programming Interface (API), which seamlessly interfaces with Tally’s® smartphone app and core systems.

The solution will equip Tally® with a customer onboarding process that can be adapted to future compliance and industry requirements.

In a world of fiat and crypto currencies effectively being promises rather than assets, Tally have a really interesting and ground-breaking idea.
We’re Looking forward to helping Tally build their very innovative business model.” John Lord – TruNarrative CEO

“As a fast-growing, innovative company, we wanted to be able to scale fast, and offer our customers a high-speed low-friction onboarding experience. At the same time, compliance and security are critical factors to our success – we strive for best-in-class standards. The partnership with TruNarrative provides us with a no-compromise solution that fulfils all of our criteria for onboarding customers.” Cameron Parry – Tally CEO

Changes to the customer journey and case management can all be done in the TruNarrative platform’s no-code interface, meaning Tally® can tweak or revamp its onboarding strategy without requiring extensive IT resources.

TruNarrative’s platform will enable Tally® to manage its overall client onboarding strategy, as well as case and exceptions management.

Tally’s® tech allows consumers to spend their asset through their Tally® banking account. In addition, being physical gold means savings hold their value over time, don’t depreciate from inflation, and are more insulated from political and economic uncertainty.

About Tally

Tally is an independent monetary platform and physical-asset currency that sits outside of the existing banking system, while seamlessly operating with it.

Tally is the name of the banking platform and also the name of the currency. 1 Tally = 1 milligram of vaulted gold. Tally is not a cryptocurrency.  Using gold as the 100% physical reserve means the customer’s wealth is protected from inflation and insulated from systemic bank risks associated with the fiat currency-based banking model, while offering the familiar usability of a personal banking account and contactless debit card.

For the first time, Tally gives consumers a choice of money they use in daily banking with a currency that is independent, insulated and innovative — giving ultimate control and certainty of the money back into the hands of the consumer.

Check out Tally’s explainer video for more info.

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