TruNarrative & Omni Capital Retail Finance Announce Financial Crime Partnership


TruNarrative are proud to announce their latest partnership with Omni Capital Retail Finance, to provide enhanced real-time Financial Crime detection and prevention.

Part of the Castle Trust group, Omni Capital Retail Finance are a leading UK provider of Point-of-Sale consumer credit. They work closely with retailers to provide solutions both in store and online.

Omni’s desire to evolve its current capabilities and work with TruNarrative represents their focus on innovation and demonstrates an understanding that legacy systems and traditional providers would limit their ability to defend against ever evolving Financial Crime risks.

When looking for a partner, the key priorities for Omni included:
  •  It must be future proof, with the capability to access new data sources or services
  • It must be real-time, both in decisions and ability to make changes
  • It must have the ability to make strategy and rules changes without internal IT or 3rd party resources required
  • Be highly configurable to reduce false positives and ensure a market leading on-boarding journey for Omni’s customers

Following a thorough market assessment and a competitive tender process, Omni selected TruNarrative.


TruNarrative future-proofs Omni, with potential future inter-departmental functionality across Fraud, Identity and Compliance capabilities. Omni will have the ability to expand strategy and integrate new services in the future.

TruNarrative delivers Omni with a true real-time service, utilising rules built through configuration in natural language against their own data and the ability to access multiple 3rd party enrichment services via the same API. This provides Omni with far greater level of control and speed of change in deploying their fraud prevention strategies. In turn ensuring low-friction customer onboarding, whilst mitigating against fraud risks.


“We are thrilled to be working with Omni Capital finance and helping them to improve their financial crime detection process.” John Lord, CEO of TruNarrative “It is great to be partnering with such an innovative business who share similar values to TruNarrative. We look forward to working with them and helping them continue to provide an excellent service for their customers as the company grows.”



“We are excited to be working with TruNarrative,” Paul Hirst, Head of Risk at Omni Capital “the TruNarrative platform will enable us to offer greater protection to our customers from the risk of financial crime whilst still ensuring a seamless and simple customer journey.”


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