Network Fraud Detection

Monitor customer applications and transactions behaviour for signals indicating a potential fraud profile.

Offering configurable data matching for Network Fraud Detection, TruNarrative reduces false positives with multi-jurisdiction data from 50+ 3rd party services in the Data Cloud App Store. Use fraud signals such as reputation and risk scores for device, email, and phone numbers, and set rulesets, watchlists and profiles.

The platform can also create closed groups of subscribing organisations that operate a collective watchlist of known/suspect fraud application attributes.

Ways to use Network Fraud Detection…

TruNarrative Platform

Complex Financial Crime Workflow, Orchestration & Decisioning

Onboard, Score, and Monitor Behaviour of your customers, clients, and suppliers.

TruNarrative Portal

Simple, Best-Practice Workflow KYC & AML Checks

Monitor and decision your customers clients, and suppliers.

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