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Comply with responsible gambling requirements, age verification, eKYC and anti-money laundering regulations whilst nurturing your genuine and VIP customers. Managed by one unified platform where customer behaviour can be predicted.

The Risk and Financial Crime Management solution delivers full digital on-boarding, frictionless transactions and complete compliance.

Via a single API, a suite of micro-services delivers Decisioning, Case Management, Work-Flow and Orchestration through an AI powered platform.

Our restful API is easy for the tech team to integrate and our no-code drag and drop strategy builder enables the subject matter experts in compliance, responsible gambling and customer support to rapidly react to risk, regulatory changes and the challenges of new market entry.


TruNarrative Online Gaming

Digital Orchestration for...

TruNarrative ID Verification

ID Verification

Verify and Authenticate across 200+ jurisdictions in real time.  Utilising data, biometrics, live-ness check and real-time processing to orchestrate the smoothest ID journey.

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TruNarrative Know Your Customer


Combined smooth workflow with robust data services and efficient case management to help you tackle KYC challenges head on.

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TruNarrative Transaction Fraud

Transaction Monitoring

Combines rules, data, machine learning and human intuition to prevent fraud that occurs during a customer transaction or interaction.

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TruNarrative AML Laundering

AML Monitoring

A flexible rules engine, machine learning and efficient case management system lie at the heart of the TruNarrative solution for AML Monitoring. Ensuring you comply whilst keeping cost low and transactions smooth.

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TruNarrative Behavioural Monitoring

Behavioural Monitoring

In safe commerce, you spot your good customers faster while weeding out villains more easily. Using behavioural monitoring from TruNarrative, you can understand and spot high-value customer behaviour patterns then differentiate their experience.

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TruNarrative App Store

Data Cloud App Store

The world is awash with Big Data. With endless apps ready to use, inside TruNarrative, you can find new suppliers in the app store, or ‘bring your own’ valued supplier or service and integrate them in minutes.

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