As credit evolves, consumers expect more and more online. Adopting TruNarrative prepares you to deliver on consumer expectations, day in and day out.


TruNarrative Lending
TruNarrative Loan Market Lending

What is it?

The lending sector supplies money to enterprises and individuals who need it. A vibrant, fair lending sector is the hallmark of a sound economy. The lending sector is finding new, innovative ways to lend money whilst ensuring it tows the line with regulators. As it embraces the digital world, lending practices face new demands for innovation, collaboration and speed of distribution to consumers.

How it works

The lending sector varies, serving customers across many channels and offering a variety of products. Standard products include mortgages, home loans, personal credit cards and financed large purchases.

Why simplifying safe commerce matters

Wisely choosing an  Identity, Fraud and Compliance platform to enable quick decisions to be made on new applications is important. Lenders have a real obligation to keep the global economy moving but whilst making sound decisions that ‘treat the customer fairly’ whilst safeguarding the organisation. Consumers demand instant gratification and an organisations ability to serve this demand can expose the business to risk of criminal activity.

Meeting the needs of Lenders

Complete the risk decision

TruNarrative delivers the capability to complete the risk decision for Identity, Fraud and Compliance, across any channel and for any product, in under a second. On-boarding at the speed of light.

A single unified platform

Once you integrate the platform, simply select which Journeys and Apps suit your needs.  Retain all the flexibility, both technically and commercially to keep pace with changes and your own company’s growth.

Data agnostic

TruNarrative works with services you purchase from a trusted, existing provider. Equally, you can ‘bring your own’, which takes minutes to integrate or pull data and insight from any of the endless our Apps we have in store.

Perfect balance of human and machine 

Let our machine learning module do the heavy lifting on your analytics.The recommendations you’ll receive mean you ensure your configuration is always the best it can be to balance customer acquisition and risk.

Always-on Innovation

Benefit from TruNarrative’s application of Machine Learning and extensive API Integration. Or design your own innovative processes into simple to configure journey for scoring risk and taking decisions.

Collaborate with ease

The TruNarrative consortium, rule optimisation and community boards help you share. Benchmark yourself against your peers in real time.

The ideal configuration for Lending

TruNarrative ID Verification

ID Verification

Verify and Authenticate across 200+ jurisdictions in real time.  Utilising data, biometrics, live-ness check and real-time processing to orchestrate the smoothest ID journey. 

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TruNarrative Application Fraud

Application Fraud

TruNarrative prevents application fraud by creating the perfect balance between traditional methods of detection and the latest techniques. 

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TruNarrative Know Your Customer


TruNarrative have combined smooth workflow with robust data services and efficient case management to help you tackle KYC challenges head on.

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TruNarrative Global Consortium


Sharing insight across organisations is proven to be more effective than working alone or in silos. Our platform allows you to securely share and communicate across peer groups and geographies.

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TruNarrative Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and human insight combine in the most advanced solution. Human judgement contributes throughout.

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TruNarrative App Store

App Store

The world is awash with Big Data. With endless apps ready to use, inside TruNarrative, you can find new suppliers in the app store, or ‘bring your own’ valued supplier or service and integrate them in minutes.

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