Identity Verification

Rapidly verify an individual’s identity for any onboarding or transactional journey.

TruNarrative allows organisations both large and small to electronically validate and verify an individual to a residence and date of birth globally, in hundreds of countries and 200+ jurisdictions, in real time. Utilise data, biometrics, live-ness check and real-time processing to orchestrate the smoothest ID journey.


Integrate in minutes from your onboarding process and utilise our library of onboarding screens and journeys or design your own process in a no-code environment.


IDV over 5 billion global citizens using the best data sources, document verification and biometrics for each region through our App Store or simply use your own existing supplier and drag and drop them into our platform. Age verification, KYC, anti-impersonation and treating customers fairly can all be orchestrated in one place.

Multiple Enrichment Sources

Access our Data Cloud App Store from a single API, drag and drop, mix and waterfall different suppliers to build a single low friction IDV journey for accurate and unprecedented match rates.


Simple to configure and run multiple strategies linking to onboarding, credit, fraud and compliance processes through one unified platform. Rules are authored in natural language and deployed in seconds, ensuring they really are ‘who they say they are’.

Ways to use Identity Verification…

TruNarrative Platform

Complex Financial Crime Workflow, Orchestration & Decisioning

Onboard, Score, and Monitor Behaviour of your customers, clients, and suppliers.

TruNarrative Portal

Simple, Best-Practice Workflow KYC & AML Checks.

Monitor and decision your customers clients, and suppliers.

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