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You want to deliver a world-class customer experience while maintaining systems that quickly spot a clear and present risk! Are such high standards possible when a business trades in many different channels, each with multiple interaction points?

Amidst the complexity, genuine customers deserve recognition. World-class companies also provide high spenders with a personalised and unique experience. When it comes to risk detection, how do you get the balance right? Can you arrive at a point when commerce is simply safe?

TruNarrative fulfils your wish for safe commerce, simply.

Application Fraud | Easy to configure

Barriers to improvement

Third-party applications, internal data, external data stores proliferate. Fragmentation carries a cost. Without a unifying platform, wastage arises and can grow unchecked. False positives and friction within a customer interaction penalise vigilant companies. Fraudsters slip through nevertheless, aided by the silos that hold insight within a single check incident. At their roots lies the inflexibility of existing risk detection systems. Inflexibility curbs agility. Those curbs bite when regulations change or fraud threats evolve. A unified approach can resolve these challenges.

TruNarrative fulfils your wish for safe commerce, simply.

Behavioural Monitoring Impatient People

When regulations change

Commercial arrangements with data and insights vendors may need to change in the new environment. Engaging multiple suppliers leads to higher overheads without economies of scale. Time is lost with the need to engage technology, procurement and legal teams, which delays everyone.  With simple configuration, endless capability to adapt and learn:

TruNarrative fulfils your wish for safe commerce, simply.

TruNarrative | How We Help, When criminal strategies evolve

When criminal strategies evolve

Professional fraudsters and the criminal underworld generally thrive on innovation. Notoriously fleet of foot, they rapidly adapt to their landscape, changing behaviours and adopting new technologies. As a result, they continually outfox conventional risk detection systems. A unified approach to fraud and money laundering risk detection, basing your system on an open platform provider like TruNarrative transforms your ability to detect and prevent these risks. TruNarrative uniquely consumes infinite pieces of data and functions whilst accepting any data format. This tangibly delivers to you the thing you’ve been waiting for: the power to keep changing, ahead of the pressures. When the risk detection marketplace delivers a new innovative product, you can test and implement it within TruNarrative. The system is easy to configure:

  • Eliminating lengthy business cases
  • Sidestepping queues for IT resource
  • Saving time otherwise needed for testing
  • Simplifying integration work

TruNarrative fulfils your wish for safe commerce, simply.

Improve Business Performance


Online Gambling, Markets

Enrol more hero customers

Create a great customer on-boarding process for genuine customers.

Reduce the cost of fraud

Use the latest machine learning techniques in combination with traditional methods and the perfect mix of external services, to detect more fraud.

AML Monitoring

Reduce regulatory risk

Demonstrate control and adapt quickly to changes in regulation.

Reduce operational costs

Reduce false positives and the total cost of queue management to keep resource costs low.

Loan Market Lending

Increase customer loyalty and spend

Create a seamless commerce journey for your hero customers throughout the customer lifecycle.