Improve Business Performance


TruNarrative Online Gambling

Enrol more customers

Create a great customer on-boarding process for genuine customers.

TruNarrative Reduced Fraud

Reduce the cost of fraud

Use the latest machine learning techniques in combination with traditional methods and the perfect mix of external services, to detect more fraud.

TruNarrative AML Monitoring

Reduce regulatory risk

Demonstrate control and adapt quickly to changes in regulation.

TruNarrative Reduced Operational Cost

Reduce operational costs

Reduce false positives and the total cost of queue management to keep resource costs low.

Synthetic Identity ID Fraud

Increase customer loyalty and spend

Create a seamless commerce journey for your hero customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

Admin Ajax

Get full remediation of your counterparty

Understand your counterparties and conduct full remediation through the integration and automation of data and processes in one workflow management tool.