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Work with us to make safe commerce simpler

TruNarrative is making safe commerce simpler, by providing a unified platform for fraud and money laundering risk detection.

Our fraud, identity, KYC and AML solution takes the best of new data science and embeds it in a workflow we know customers will love. TruNarrative is a great place to be if you want to apply existing skills to new markets and develop new skills using the latest delivery methods and technology.

Our ambition sets us apart

Headlines in the FT and Businessweek announce Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing. We plan to be the next big thing in AI for risk detection.

Our executive team has a knack for spotting and cultivating customers who grow into household names. And our deep partnership with a leading USA technology company means our offers will never be outstripped. With legacy systems throwing up so many barriers to change, this is a huge advantage. 


From day one, we’re thinking globally and developing best-in-breed single market solutions so you get to work with the latest technology. Working with us, you’ll serve multinationals in a range of sectors alongside new entrants in hot sectors like FinTech and Alternative Finance. TruNarrative will be the jewel in your CV.


As a cutting edge organisation, we are always on the lookout for talented, innovative individuals to join our Development, Analyst, Sales & Marketing Departments.  Send us your details to


TruNarrative | How We Help, Work With Us

Principles we hold in common

We’re looking for smart, friendly people who will flourish in the culture we’re building. Our culture is defined by our Constitution. It sets out the principles we hold in common.


We respect people’s contributions. This includes contributions by team members, partners and customers. Your brilliance will be recognised. We also respect your family commitments. The senior leadership agrees: family first.


We take pride in what we’re building and in exceeding expectations. We expect customers working lives will improve using our platform, and we’ll help them take pride in their achievements.


We share a conviction that combatting criminality is worthwhile. We also believe profoundly in the product concept we’re bringing to market. It will create tangible value for our customers from Day 1. These shared beliefs build trust within the team.


What you put in to your work matters. Wherever you are in our organisation, you’ll have meaningful ownership for your tasks. We know how much mindset matters. So we’ll match your efforts, putting in time and attention to your development. This way, you’ll gain the skills and adopt the attitudes you need to succeed. By stretching ourselves continually, we’ll build TruNarrative into a world-class company.


Whether you join the TruNarrative team for two years or ten, you’ll leave with skills equity it’s hard to match elsewhere. If you’re set on a path that leads to senior management or to entrepreneurship, this experience will be career-defining.


Our diverse workforce spans generations with members just starting out to those with decades of experience.

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Business Development Manager


The Business Development Manager will be primarily focused on generating and maintaining a strong pipeline to achieve annual sales targets. This will involve constant interaction with prospects, clients and internal staff to achieve a positive outcome for all parties. The role will be selling directly to organisations operating in markets such as Banking, Alternative Finance, Lending, Insurance and eCommerce.

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