TruNarrative Team

Our leadership team bring with them over 100 years of combined experience in the data and technology space. Experts in their field they have come together to build a truly customer-centric business that solves the evolving problems of Financial Crime.

John Lord

John Lord

Founder & CEO

A proven and respected industry leader, John is the one leading the growth of TruNarrative in his typically ambitious and innovative style. Most recently, John drove the exceptional growth of GB Group plc during his seven-year tenure as Group Managing Director. John truly ‘gets’ data and technology… perfect for leading the TruNarrative team to the top.

Kerri Antles

Kerri Antles

Group Chief Financial Officer

Responsible for ensuring the financial soundness and integrity of TruNarrative, Kerri brings over 20 years of experience to the table. Her tenacity and curious nature have proven vital across many mergers & acquisitions, pre-ipo and high-growth environments. Kerri is a strong believer in letting the data do the talking, so she’s right at home and thriving in this industry of technology and innovation!

Ryan Morrison

Ryan Morrison

Chief Operating Officer

Ryan is responsible for ensuring that the TruNarrative team delivers world-class customer service and making sure that direct sales and marketing effectively serve all our global markets. Since finishing University nearly 20 years ago, Ryan has immersed himself in the world of data and tech, most recently leading the global growth for a major Identity and Fraud business.

Mike Harriss

Mike Harriss

Head of Commercial Channels

His passport says Michael (but we know him as Mike) and he is the man who will lead our growth with partners across the globe. On the TruNarrative team, he’ll rack up more air miles than he knows what to do with. Having spent the last twelve years in the ID and Fraud space, he knows this world inside out. Mike strikes the perfect balance between technical know-how and commercial skill.

David Eastaugh

David Eastaugh

Chief Technology Officer

David has over 15 year’s experience developing applications in the identity and fraud environment. Dave has a proven track record leading high performance agile teams, delivering innovative software solutions and has experience of designing and delivering applications that meet the highest security standards. He is a real hands on CTO involved in the full software delivery life cycle.

Kathy Clark

Kathy Clark

Director of Global Human Resources

Kathy has built her career enabling others to advance their careers.  Her experience in Human Resources spans from identifying top talent to ensuring strategies are in place for team members to be at their best.  As the Head of HR for Provenir she has been a significant part of their growth around the globe. In this role for TruNarrative, Kathy will support our people strategy around the world.

Jonathan Kent

Financial Director

Yorkshire folk have a reputation for thrift and tight financial management. Jon is no exception.

He has spent the last 15 years in finance roles in the insurance sector and most recently as a senior financial controller in a high growth and high technology cosmetics brand.

Jon has seen what rapid growth looks like and now guides TruNarrative in the same direction.

Andy Pearson

Head of Data and 3rd Party Relationships

Strong relationships with our data partners is a key part of TruNarrative's success.

With over 20 years experience in data and technology, Andy leads a team delivering our 3rd party integrations.

Andy is a Huddersfield native, Leeds United fan, and Horophile. (He likes watches)


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