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We founded TruNarrative with a clear goal: to make safe commerce simpler through advanced detection and management of financial crime in one unified platform.

Easy onboarding, Smooth transactions and Insightful compliance.

In safe commerce, you weed out the villains more easily. You prevent fraud and stay compliant with eKYC and AML. Customers become loyal and buy more, due to frictionless transactions. 

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Accessible Machine Learning and Robust Compliance

The leading unified Financial Crime platform

We are a global player in the financial crime space with Identity verification in 45 countries and Fraud Management and Compliance solutions deployed in many more.  The spread of ecommerce and the rise of fintech require a fresh approach to fraud and money laundering detection and prevention. 

Our approach harnesses artificial intelligence, in data-rich systems capable of learning. Legacy systems cannot evolve quickly enough to deliver. The TruNarrative platform contains a powerful decision engine which combines Machine Learning with empirical best in class rules and scoring.

Legacy technology constrains current IDV, KYC, Fraud and Money Laundering detection systems. Without an integrating platform, each data set and subsequent decisions exist in a silo. Silos create inefficiencies and add to manual work. This adds delays that impinge on customer experience and creates unnecessary management costs right across an organisation.

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TruNarrative is trustworthy

Through joint shareholding, we partner with Provenir Group in the USA. This corporate partnership provides strong investment, stability and access to the proven technology at our platform’s core. Hence, this relationship future-proofs our products.

Our leadership team bring with them over 100 years of combined experience in the data and technology space. Furthermore, in recent years, this team led exceptional growth in the ID and Fraud market for a listed technology business.


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TruNarrative About Us and Machine Learning

Machine Learning drives a better process

Our goal is to transform the Fraud Management and Compliance of eKYC and AML through our unified Financial Crime platform, bringing the best of data science to ambitious companies of all sizes. Our system uses machine learning to deliver the best blend of human judgement and automation.

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TruNarrative delivers powerful insights, affordably

We have driven down the cost of ownership to make available a powerful decision engine and ever-expanding global data set to budget-aware companies.  We serve corporates, new entrants, small and mid-sized companies: all who deserve the best possible system. Sound impossible to deliver a single unified platform affordably? Think again.

TruNarrative technology keeps pace with change

We will continually provide products built on state-of-the-art technology. So, no more legacy systems to slow you down. Also, we free you from slow, costly re-configuration.

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