Unified onboarding, transaction monitoring and dynamic risk rating.

Digital transformation for financial crime without the risk.

A single view of financial crime making safe commerce simple.

Smooth, seamless customer lifecycle management.

Simplify customer onboarding. Monitor transactions. Reduce risk and financial crime.

Financial crime is growing. Every customer must be verified, every transaction monitored and risk-scored. Only digital solutions can offer the real-time insight, analysis and actionable data needed. And only TruNarrative brings powerful automation under your total control.

Discover a unified, truly future-proof orchestration platform: quick to set-up, easy to configure, zero coding required. It’s the only solution you’ll ever need to verify, transact with, and monitor your customers, clients, and suppliers.

Use cases

Business case
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B2C Onboarding

Automate robust B2C decisioning for safe, fast onboarding

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B2B Onboarding

Automate complex B2B decisioning for safe, fast onboarding

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Lifecycle Management

Unify onboarding, ongoing screening, and transaction monitoring

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Responsible Gambling

Automatically monitor player’s transactions

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Professional Services Onboarding

Professional services onboarding

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Supplier Due Diligence

automate checks for supplier decisioning

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Banking & Credit

Seamlessly automate financial crime management

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FinTech & Regtech

Deliver next gen services backed by agile compliance

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Gambling & Casinos

Manage responsible gambling and gaming compliance

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Ecommerce & Retail

Execute remove and online transactions safely, friction-free

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Accountancy Firms

Digitally managed regulatory and compliance checks

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Legal Firms

Automate professional services client decisioning

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Estate Agents

Remove client barriers during onboarding

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Investment Advisors

Executive checks and conduct ongoing monitoring

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Procurement Managers

Onboard fully verified suppliers and partners

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Our solutions

LexisNexis® RiskNarrative™

Complex Financial Crime Workflow, Orchestration & Decisioning.

Onboard, Score, and Monitor Behaviour of your customers, clients, and suppliers.

Quickly onboard high customer volumes with a single, unified compliance platform. Manage and configure all financial lifecycle journeys with simple integration and no need for coding.

TruNarrative Portal

Simple, Best-Practice Workflow, KYC & AML Checks.

Automatically Monitor and Decision your customers clients, and suppliers.

Cost-effectively onboard and verify individuals and businesses on-demand with a range of fully pre-configured, convenient ‘one-click’ checks. Pre-paid credit bundles from £500…

Why TruNarrative?


Say goodbye to fragmented, error-prone information silos. The RiskNarrative™ Platform’s single, unified decision engine guarantees one robust, high-confidence outcome based on one version of the truth.

Scalable decisioning

Rapidly implement strategy and associated workflow based on decisioning risk appetite.


Control rules, strategies, referrals and case management through the single, seamless platform interface.

Use Platform for….

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Identity Verification

Quickly deploy the latest biometric verification technology into your customer journey and accurately verify identity documents from over 150 countries.

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Biometrics & Document Checking

Capture and authenticate documents

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Ensure AML compliance doesn’t compromise your customer experience…

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Network Fraud Detection

Monitor customer applications and transactional behaviour

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Safely onboard customers in seconds…

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AI Decisioning

Transform the speed and accuracy of decisioning

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Risk Scoring & Analytics

Recognise changes in risk over the lifecycle

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Data Cloud App Store

Integrate third-party application and services in seconds

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Virtual Agent

Accelerate agent decisioning

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Referral & Case Management

Aggregate everything an agent needs to see

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Audit Trail & Reporting

Ensure compliance and best practice

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Responsible Gambling

Automatically monitor player’s transactions

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